Why pay for web hosting features you don't need?

Most web hosting plans bundle combinations of disk space, bandwidth and SQL servers that don't make sense.

There are four important resources on which the cost of web hosting is based:

By specifying your own parameters for each of these, you can build and price an optimum plan to suit your needs. Just select your requirements and your currency of choice, and the total monthly or annual amount will be calculated for you.

Experiment. Change the parameters, and see how you can build a plan that suits your own requirements. And check the Features tab above for all the extras that come with every plan.

How do I estimate my requirements?

If you've not built a website before, click here for some guidelines.

What if I go over the allocation for which I've paid?

We set the quota limits at a slightly higher number than you order. If you go over quota on storage or data transfer, we will email you and ask if you would like to pay for a higher limit. If so, that will be effective immediately. If not, you will need to keep your usage within the limits for which you have paid.

How do I get a domain name?

Click on the logos to order the following types of domain name:

.jp (Japan) - You do not need to be in Japan
Japanese Domain Names

.com .net .org .info etc. - Global names
Global Domain Names

.au (Australia)