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Details for Iskoola Pota

Iskoola Pota (iskpota.ttf)
Warning: This is a beta version.
Source: Part of the installation of the free "Sinhala Kit for MS Office on Windows XP" Beta (SinhalaXP0.4.zip). You must install the Kit to obtain this font since iskpota.ttf is not in the zip file.
Installing the Sinhala Kit also installs DinaminaUniWeb (Sinhala font), Malithi Web (Sinhala font), Kartika (Malayalam font), and an advanced version of the Uniscribe engine (USP10.dll, after reboot).
Stats: Version 0.81 has 769 glyphs and 69 kerning pairs
Support: Sinhala, Latin
OpenType Layout Tables: Sinhala
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