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This page tests the Gothic block (U+10330 - U+1034F) and is laid out in a grid format for easy comparison against the online Unicode charts.

It is part of the Gallery of Unicode Fonts and is based on the following sources:

Images of the Codex Argenteus are online at the Uppsala University, in case you wish to see some actual Gothic text.

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Gothic [10330-1034F]

  1033 1034
0 𐌰 𐍀 0
1 𐌱 𐍁 1
2 𐌲 𐍂 2
3 𐌳 𐍃 3
4 𐌴 𐍄 4
5 𐌵 𐍅 5
6 𐌶 𐍆 6
7 𐌷 𐍇 7
8 𐌸 𐍈 8
9 𐌹 𐍉 9
A 𐌺 𐍊 A
B 𐌻 𐍋 B
C 𐌼 𐍌 C
D 𐌽 𐍍 D
E 𐌾 𐍎 E
F 𐌿 𐍏 F
  1033 1034


combining diaeresis

Depending on its position, EIS is shown
with a diaeresis (U+10339 U+0308).


U+0305 COMBINING OVERLINE is used between
letters to indicate contractions or omissions.
For example, U+10346 U+0305 U+10330.
𐍆𐍂𐌰𐌿𐌾𐌰 becomes 𐍆̅𐌰
Other examples are 𐌹̅𐌿̅𐍃 & 𐍇̅𐌿̅𐍃


Gothic letters are also used as numbers.
There are two ways to show this:
1) Place a U+00B7 MIDDLE DOT on both sides.
2) Lines above and below (U+0304 U+0331)
with dots with lines value
·𐌴· 𐌴̱̄ 5
·𐌺· 𐌺̱̄ 20
·𐌺𐌴· 𐌺̱̄𐌴̱̄ 25


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