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Details for PonNya_Web

PonNya_Web (ponnya_web.ttf)
Warning: This font is not truly Unicode compliant. It uses unallocated codepoints in the Myanmar block to manually deal with shaping that would normally be done by the Uniscribe engine. You can use my Myanmar test page to see the font-specific mappings.
The sample text in gray uses standard Unicode codepoints. The black text is font-specific: ကႛေ႒ကနဲႇ
Source: Free download from MamboXchange.
Stats: Version 3.05 has 1,455 glyphs and 923 kerning pairs
Support: Cyrillic (Russian plus other Slavic and non-Slavic languages), Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Myanmar, Vietnamese
OpenType Layout Tables: Arabic, Latin
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