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Details for BPG Glaho Arial V5

BPG Glaho Arial V5 (BPG_Glaho_Arial_V5.ttf)
Note: Several encoding variations are available for this font face:
   BPG Glaho Arial V5 supports Latin Extended-A/B characters.
   BPG Glaho V5 and the others do not support Latin Extended characters.
   BPG Glaho Arial SP V5 maps Georgian characters over some Latin1 codepoints.
   BPG Glaho Arial MIX V5 maps Georgian characters over some Basic Latin and Latin1 codepoints.
Source: Free download from the shavlego file area.
Stats: Version 2.0 2002 has 303 glyphs and 368 kerning pairs
Support: Georgian (Mkhedruli), Latin
Georgian [ show all fonts ]

Style: U+10A0... characters are Mkhedruli Titles instead of Asomtavruli.


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