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The Tagbanwa script is used by the Tagbanwa people on Palawan Island, The Philippines. It is used to write Tagbanwa (also known as Apurahuano).

Consonants have an inherent -a vowel. The other two vowels (-i and -u) are indicated by a diacritic above (for -i) or below (for -u) the consonant. Vowels at the beginning of syllables are represented by their own, independent characters. Syllables ending in a consonant are written without the final consonant.

Font Samples

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Philippines Tagbanwa Tagbanwa    [ show all samples ]  (tagbanwa.ttf)
Source: Free download from Samuel Thibault's home page.
Stats: Version 001.000 has 22 glyphs and no kerning pairs
Support: Tagbanwa

Additional Information About These Font Samples

  • Font sizes for the various fonts above were adjusted to make them roughly the same size for the sake of comparison.
  • The characters used for the font samples do not necessarily form words but were chosen for visual variety:

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