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The Gallery of Unicode Fonts was created by David McCreedy and Mimi Weiss in March, 2004 as part of their Four Essential Travel Phrases website.

In October, 2006 the site was ceded to WAZU JAPAN.

This Gallery displays samples of available Unicode fonts by writing system (roughly equivalent to Unicode ranges).
These are primarily Windows fonts, although some may work on other platforms.

Without doubt Alan Wood's Unicode Resources is the single most useful website on using Unicode and the fonts that support it.

So why create another Unicode font website? So that when you're looking for a Windows Unicode font you can quickly and easily see what the font looks like.


Click on the writing systems below to see samples of most of the freely available Unicode fonts.
Note that this list is categorized by writing system. For example, you'll find both IPA and Vietnamese under "Latin", Klingon under 'fictional', but Japanese of course under 'J', Chinese under 'C' and so on .

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"All Fonts" Lists

Both of these lists contain all 1,237 fonts shown on this site.
The 1st shows only the font names and links to the applicable sample pages.
The 2nd adds other font information including source and statistics.

Test Pages test page

Our comprehensive Unicode test pages for various writing systems and Unicode blocks:

ancient Chinese symbols (Yijing Hexagram Symbols, Tai Xuan Jing Symbols, Counting Rod Numerals),  ArmenianarrowsBrailleBugineseBuhid,  Canadian Syllabaries (entire range, Blackfoot, Carrier, Cree/Ojibwe, Inuktitut),  CherokeeCirthCoptic,  cuneiform (Old Persian, Sumero-Akkadian, Ugaritic cuneiform),  currency symbolsCypriot Syllabary,  Cyrillic (all letters, just Slavic, OCS/Old Church Slavonic),  Deseretdingbats (Dingbats, Miscellaneous Symbols, Miscellaneous Technical),  Ethiopic SyllabaryEwellicgeometrical symbols (Block Elements, Box Drawing, Geometric Shapes, Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows, Miscellaneous Technical, Control Pictures),  GeorgianGlagoliticGothicGreek (modern, polytonic, ancient numbers, music),  GurmukhiHanunóoIPA and ExtIPAKlingonLatinLimbuLinear B,  Musical notation (ancient Greek, Byzantine, Western),  OghamOld ItalicOCR/Optical Character RecognitionOsmanyaPhaistos disk scriptPhoenicianPUAs/Private Use AreasRunicShavianTagalogTagbanwaTai LeTamilThaanaTifinaghVietnameseVisible SpeechYi

External links to other useful test pages:

ArabicGreek polytonic charactersHiraganaJawiKhmer (search for "FONT DEBUGGING"),  Latin alphabetthe Phaistos disk

And these sites have test pages covering a variety of Unicode blocks / writing systems:

Alan Wood's Unicode ResourcesGEONAMESTITUS

What's New?

Find out about new fonts at the "What's New?" page.

Or use one of the RSS feeds to be informed automatically.

The full RSS feed announces all new fonts added to the Gallery of Unicode Fonts.

You can tailor what information you receive by using one or more of the "à la carte" RSS feeds instead of the full feed.
These more specific feeds appear at the bottom of each font sample page.
For example, at the bottom of the Japanese Fonts page there is an RSS button for just Japanese.

Here's the complete list of the RSS feeds:

all fonts, Aegean scripts, Arabic, Armenian, Balinese, Bengali, Braille, Buginese, Buhid, Canadian Syllabics Unicode block, Cherokee, Coptic, Coptic subset of Greek Unicode block, Cree / Ojibwe, Cyrillic (Slavic languages), Cyrillic (Slavic and non-Slavic languages), OCS Cyrillic, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Fictional scripts, Georgian, Glagolitic, Gothic, Greek, Polytonic Greek, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Hanunóo, Hebrew, Inuktitut, IPA, Japanese, Kannada, Kharoshthi, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish, Lao, Latin alternatives (Deseret, Ewellic, Shavian, Monofon, Unifon, and Visible Speech), Limbu, Malayalam, Mongolian, Myanmar, N'Ko, New Tai Lue, Ogham, Old Italic, Old Persian Cuneiform, Oriya, Osmanya, Pashto, Persian script, Phags-pa, Phoenician, Runic, Simplified Chinese, Sindhi and Parkari, Sinhala, Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform, Syloti Nagri, Syriac, Tagalog, Tagbanwa, Tai Le, Tamil, Telugu, Thaana, Thai, Tibetan, Tifinagh, Traditional Chinese, Ugaritic, Uighur, Urdu, Vietnamese, Yi

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